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Getting some action

Ask your visitors to do the things you want!

Having effective calls to action are an essential part of any website. A call to action is not just for ecommerce sites where you ask people to buy, but can applied to all websites. Every website should have objectives it wants users to complete whether it is filling in a contact form, signing up for a newsletter or getting people to volunteer or donate.

A call to action provides…

  • Focus to your site
  • A way to measure your sites success
  • Direction to your users

The most obvious Calls to Action are ones that say “Add to Shopping Cart” or “Buy Now” or “Subscribe.” A straight-forward “do this.” At the most basic level, they tell the visitor what they can accomplish on that page, and encourage them forward in the conversion process. When Calls to Action like these are paired with Point of Action assurances (“We Value Your Privacy,” “You can always remove the item later”), you motivate action and build confidence.

The Eurofinance team were experiencing a good volume of traffic to their website but failing to convert these visitors into customers. A clever restructuring of their existing content plus a fresh & more intuitive design resulted in an immediate 111% increase in their online applicants.


Piko's Business IT Tip #9

Advanced Screen Capture (Win Vista):
"In the Accessories folder on the Start menu, you'll find Vista's Snipping Tool, which lets you capture just the part of the screen you want. Start it up, & click and drag the mouse to outline the area you want to preserve."

What others are saying...

"The team at Indigo really take care of business. We are so glad we finally found an IT partner that understands our needs, and ultimately has the knowledge to cater to them!"

- Mike Morrison, Morrison Car Company


"Indigo where would I be without you? You have transformed my online business into a profitable venture. I can't thank you enough."

- Andrew Thiele, Andrew Thiele Life Coach

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