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E-commerce & Catalogue Website Design

E-commerce and Catalogue Website Design Solutions

The cheapest shop lease you'll ever find.

Whether you have an existing business and want to also sell online or have a pure online business, advertising and selling to the masses via the Internet will tend to be your cheapest market operation. The overheads are low and in the best situations cheaper warehouse storage plus freighting can be employed rather than high cost retail space.

An online catalogue website unlike printed catalogues can be changed whenever the need arises. We have designed many successful ecommerce websites some of which contain in excess of 100 pages. We have also added catalogues and ecommerce facilities to many existing websites.

As with a printed catalogue it is important that the website design structures the information on the website so the visitor can easily navigate the website to locate what they are looking for. The website design should be intuitive for the visitor and fast loading thus making there experience on your website good and pleasant so they will remember it and want to return.

Ecommerce is the undeniable future of retail in New Zealand. As more and more consumers turn to online purchasing for its convenience and value, it is more vital than ever before to invest in a striking ecommerce website - a shopping online website that not only attracts new customers to your business, but also ensures that they return time and time again.



Piko's Business IT Tip #11

Get rid of screen glare:
"Avoid positioning your screen in front of an uncovered window; instead, place your monitor perpendicular to the window and use blinds or curtains to cut down on outside light. "

What others are saying...

"The team at Indigo really take care of business. We are so glad we finally found an IT partner that understands our needs, and ultimately has the knowledge to cater to them!"

- Mike Morrison, Morrison Car Company


"Indigo where would I be without you? You have transformed my online business into a profitable venture. I can't thank you enough."

- Andrew Thiele, Andrew Thiele Life Coach

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