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The Importance of Setting Website Goals

Setting Website Goals

Make the success of your website measurable!

When creating a new website, settings goals should be one of the first things on your to-do list. Having a set of clear and concise objectives allows you to:

  • measure the success of your website easier by measuring the amount of times your goals are achieved.
  • align your business goals with your website goals so your website can achieve the same things required of your business.
  • lead your website visitors down specific paths to achieving the things you want from them. 
  • place a monetary value on the achievement of your goals to determine your website investment ROI.

What kind of goals should I have?

It depends on what you use your website for, but for most NZ businesses a website usually works as an electronic brochure. As such, its purpose is to increase awareness of both the business and the product or services it provides. If your website falls into a similar category you may want consider goals such as:

  • Attract 200 new visitors to your website each month
  • Ensure the average viewing time of each visitor is greater than 3 minutes
  • Complete $1500 worth of online sales per month
  • Maintain visitor numbers above 5000 per month
  • Increase revenue from paid advertising to $1000 per month

Based on the intention of your website the experienced team at Indigo can help you determine measurable goals that align best with your business.

What are reasonable expectations?

It’s true what they say — goals should be specific and measurable. You should aim a little higher than what you’re comfortable with, then work backwards until you get actionable items.

If you’ve never had a website and don’t do a lot of offline marketing, don’t expect it to magically take off. With some decent search engine optimisation, and depending on your topic of interest, you should expect betwen 200-300 visitors per month to your website. That's like 200-300 extra people walking through your front door.

How to measure?

The most common tool for measuring statistics on a website is Google Analytics. For more in-depth information about how to measure the results of your website please visit our Measuring Results section. 



Contact the web strategy team at Indigo to help define measurable goals for your website. Mention this article when you commission any web strategy work and receive free Installation of Google Analytics (value $99).

Freephone 0508 INDIGO or email

*Free offer only valid in conjunction with commissioned web strategy work.



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