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Targeting for Maximum Results

Create a website that your customers want

Identifying your target audience, what they want and what they expect when using your website is a guaranteed shortcut to achieving your goals. Developing a detailed character map of your ideal audience, allows you to cater for your target audience from the beginning, and the more likely your site will succeed.

Some questions to ask about your target audience are:

  • What is the average age group you are catering to? Net savvy teenagers or the older generation.
  • What is their main gender? Identifying stereotypes can dictate where you should be spending most of your time.
  • What region of New Zealand or the world is your target audience in?
  • How much time do they spend online?
  • What sports or special interests do they have?

This character map is the foundation for the type of content, product and services you should offer your viewers.



For help with identifying your target audience and creating a website that gets results contact the strategy team at Indigo today.

Freephone 0508 INDIGO or email



Piko's Business IT Tip #23

Speed up your computer boot time (Win XP):
"Click Start, then "Run...," and type msconfig. Click on the Startup tab to see a list of all the apps that start when you boot up Windows. Uncheck the tickbox next to any you don't need to auto-start. "

What others are saying...

"The team at Indigo really take care of business. We are so glad we finally found an IT partner that understands our needs, and ultimately has the knowledge to cater to them!"

- Mike Morrison, Morrison Car Company


"Indigo where would I be without you? You have transformed my online business into a profitable venture. I can't thank you enough."

- Andrew Thiele, Andrew Thiele Life Coach

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